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kiamwenji10 minutes ago

In 2008 personally I watched Raila being interviewed by Christina Amanipour of CNN when the Kenyans were massacring each other. He was shown the foto of men cutting other with machetes, it was a horrible site. Amanipour asked Raila if he will ask the people to stop the Killing . He said NO he won’t cause it is those people’s rights that have been stolen from them.
I do not think Raila knew any of the murded and the displaced, but they were dying for him.
That was the moment of truth, I realized Raila was Selfish, inhumane and I cannot trust him to Protect us !
He, Raila, was in a safe house, and in the streets he was surrounded by body guards. But in Eldoret a church was burned down taking it down with several victims . Naivasha killing had started in retaliation . But he got away with it . He did not go to the Hague and he is now back telling us to go to the streets so that he can be the president!
I don’t see IEBC being able to manipulate the votes. Not again! And if we are afraid why not go manual like the Kingdom of the Netherlands?

NOW my fellow Kenyans, is Raila telling us that he is different now? How different is Raila? Raila is not a good man. He does not care about us killing each other or police killing us if we go to demonstrate. He is forcing himself to be a president of Kenya whatever the cost. Our cost . No! Let us choose our president with a vote, not with a spear, machete or a gun . It will be wasting of our lives.
I will speak for myself am not going to die for anyone !
Raila cannot take it that he will die without being the president and that is hard to take.
This is the problem. But he can make a difference without being a president . To date I have not seen any change he has brought .
No president brought any change for me, not Kenyatta, not Moi, Kibaki and Uhuru, and neither will Raila!
Am waiting for a Kenya Macron. I am too old to be one and am not a politician anyway!

Maoni yako hayo.personally,kibaki made a big positive change for me somewhere.yet I am a luo and I don’t know him personally.

Developed countries are reverting back to manual, third word countries, Kenya, we are struggling with technology.
Civilization is a process.
Germany did away with their elections in a day. We take a week


Ile warning uhuru amepeana si mchezo


Sasa umeanza kuongea kama Rafael Tuju the cook.

Wibble wabble wibble wabble wibble wabble wibble wibble.

I remember a day before the supreme court ruling, I heard on the news about Raila’s letter, read by Nyong’o where he for the first time ever categorically asked his supporters not to engage in violent riots regardless of the way the ruling went.

I said, Raila has never condemned violence without giving conditions, nini imefanyika wakati huu? I thought he has finally decided to stop sacrificing his supporters every 5 years. Only to realize later that I was very wrong. He preached for peace because he had already been told the election was being nullified.

Even this time, he is clearly planning to use violence to force a nusu mkate. It is upto Uhuruto to ensure that does not happen since they have the resources to do that.

that should NEVER happen, otherwise every loser will be using the same means to power. let him sacrifice his whole tribe if he feels like

Unataka niongee kama @Gio the chef

Nimedrive kufika githu ni teargas tu.Bado demos. Rumours on ground ni baba yao anaincite watu waende counter kesho tao.

Naona magari zinarudi wrongside hapa roysa, jam imeanza juu ya bridge roysambu.

I don’t miss working and living in Nairobi. si nyinyi watu mna mashida mingi

I don’t miss working and living in Nairobi. si nyinyi watu mna mashida mingi

anyone who supports someone accused of crimes against humanity has no moral authority to talk about violence

Yea, plus mbica za kulift kwa fb pia utuwekee hapa