I have realized that majority of talkers here in this blog are very bitter single mothers and lonely girls with failed love and very weak gay niggas looking for attention through keyboard fighting yet they are badly kaliwad by their spouses at home. Meffi ninyi. Like @Panyaste says LIMFAOO, SMDH

Can I take this opportunity to ask you to change that avatar.You ugly man

what? …you wanna fork him?

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punctuate nigga. long sentences ya nini? swine!

1.The case of kettle calling the pot black.
2. The flour laughing at the ash.
3. Firewood in the store laughing at the ones in the fireplace.

  • Ask mwalimu @gashwin to explain to you the meaning and application of these proverbs.

so which category do you fall??single mother or lonely girl??
Umama mtupu!

And you are…?