Talkers, where did we go wrong?

As in, when did the rain start beating us? Kumbe dryspell ndio inamaliza watu hapa? I opened that sextape thread yesterday, downloaded, watched, deleted that video, then moved on. Kumbe there are people who camped there? Just refreshing their browsers to see if “fresh content” would be posted? All those views without admin pinning anything? Aiyayayaya, iko shida mahali. Yaani team Kawasaki jana mlijitokeza kwa fujo hivyo? There’s one thing I’ve never understood about kenyatalk views though, how are they counted? If I view thread A, then move to other threads, then come back and open thread A again, are those counted as 2 views for thread A or just one? Anyway, the first step to solving a problem is to admit you have one. Wadau, hapa iko chida, na si ya matamchi.


Am guessing the link was shared across the Telegrams and WhatsApps…


Your question about thread A is chieth. The answer is in your statement. Just take the number of active members and the replies. If I make two replies in the same thread…how many times have I viewed that particular thread? Well your answer is as good as mine…I don’t know.


Oh, that would make sense.

I still don’t know. Sometimes you view the same thread about 3 times but the total number of views doesn’t change. That’s why I’m asking .

sisemi kitu

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39K wankers are in KTalk alone.
Glad am not one of them.


Oh I see. I get your point.

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Yaani hatujali hata state house ikiungua! Thread ya statehouse iko na 381 views pekee. Iko chida na si chida ya matamuchi

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So you viewed and moved on but kept following the count? is that about right ? You also went as far as dedicating a whole post to it, yes ? Hapa nani ako na shida my fren?

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Sex sells.
And my friend this is not news, EVERY NORMAL HUMAN BEING WATCHES PORN.
@captain obvious don’t bring your holier than thou attitude here.

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Haha. State house in flames haiko kwa hierarchy of needs.

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frisk has 90,000 wankers how about that…


Mr Wise Ass, whenever I log into ktalk, I first go through the first and second pages of the All Threads section, just to make sure I viewed every important thread, and to avoid posting a thread that would get me in hot soup with the “Hii tuliona” brigade, comprende…puta?


So this was one of your so called “very important thread” ?? A Yes or no answer will suffice captain wanker in chief!

What holier than thou attitude? I said I downloaded and watched the video. I understand sex sells, but I just don’t get the huge discrepancy between the 18+ threads and the “normal” ones. Hapa naona admin afungue server ndio tuconfirm sio vifaranga vili-weka hizo views zote.

Yes or no.

meffi thread.

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Ungejua the number of views Dj. Creme dela Creme sextape video had hii ya jana ni childplay

Why do you have all these Negative Energy?