Talkers Wa Homabay Mpo?

What’s next? Animal Fuckers Association of Kenya (AFAK)? Al-Shabaab Sympathizers Kenya (ASSK)? If you’ve heard rumours about nightrunners, then you’ll know that the people in this video are waay overdressed for the “harmless” activity they claim to take part in. Anyway, to each his own.

They should participate in this instead.

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@Mundu Mulosi and @pamba hawawezi kosa kwa hiyo cult.

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Uliza @Justus Nyanchaga

Kwetu si Homabay. Serre.

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Shindwe homa bay iko upande Yakima avicci mimi niko bungoma omwami.

They are very common in Luhya, Luo and Kisii communities. Those, people can really irritate you kama unalala kwa hizo nyumba za ushago.

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Tell me about it. This one time I was in Kisii town and heard so many uncomfortable stories concerning nightrunners, told by kisiis. Most sounded like hekaya e.g ati these people exhume and eat corpses. I just wondered if this practice is so rife in town, mashinani je? But there’s one who informed me that most of them don’t have a choice…if your guka for example is a mchawi and picks you as his successor, saying no would be tantamount to bringing a curse upon yourself.

It is hereditary lakini these night runners do not harm anyone, they are just irritants. And most of these guys have a good physique and very industrious when they are assigned different chores. Unajua zile nyumba za ocha za mabati hazina ceiling, wanarushanga mchanga na mawe juu kushtua watu especially if they know hiyo homestead ina wanawake pekee yao.

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This is beneath you “Godtothecore”, Nightrunners! A minionic thread from a god!

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Hahaha I know…but once in a while even gods assume human form.

Naskianga hawa watu wakianguka with the stomach facing down hauwezi ukawainua hata ulete fork lift.

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Hehehe hio naskia na wewe.

These nightrunners hukunia kwa doorstep then wipe their ass on your door. Dawa yao ni kuweka rusty bent nails on your door

Are you insinuating that i’m a night runner coz of my affiliation to night runners association,shindwe.

Night running ni kitu iko kwa damu like kinda of hereditary. Kama wewe ni dem and you marry one then lazima uwe a night runner. Babako na mamako wakiwa then mtoto utakuwa. Mwanaume nightrunner akitoka usiku kuenda kukimbia, the wife should hold one othe stones of a fireplace(mafiga za kupikia) till he comes back. Is she stops then sorry to her her hubby will be caught. If you want to catch one kama amekuzoea and teach him a lesson, then eat cild food hapo 6 jioni(preferably ugali n omena). When the sun goes down and darkness takes engulf, zima taa kila mtu ashike coner yake na kirungu chake na muache door wazi. Most nightrunners huwa wakishikwa they usually offer animal gifts. Atakuletea ngombe ya black. Though its advisable uuze the cow immediately… Oh na ukishika mmoja, give him a beating that will make him think thrice next time akitaka kufanya boma lenu liwe an Olympic track

unaoongea kama mmoja wao

funda wewe