Talkers, Sotosheki na kuma

At 30, my predicament is worryin coz sitosheki nahii kitu. Am married with 1kid, But sidedish is worryin coz I have like 8active ones, Wife ako ocha but Problem is that I move alot, but yawife we meet every end month so ako sorted en fine. I drink almost daily, so team mafisi undertands what happens after, like ile usee someone, vibe ikopoa. u exchange numbers, u wait 4 2months then anaingia box, so I hit it hard. Next mornin I feel yeah, I should keep this one. So ukimultiply I have 8, So talkers, what’s wrong with mi?

hiyo shimo umeingia ni ngumu sana kujitoa…

nothing.its normal thats what team mafisi is all about

Your lifestyle is very dangerous.pombe na wake kwisha how many times have failed to put a condom while drunk ukiwa na side dish.

Nani unaona na kuma hapa, brare serre, kakufie mbali!

You are greedy.thats what is wrong.

In my opinion, you are psychologically disturbed, you hate your wife/you strongly dont like your wife/your wife is cheating/your wife cheated on you. No matter how mad you think you are, use rubber on everyone, including your wife, kama bado hujaingia jeshi. Alafu marriage za kuacha bibi ni fake…Ni wa nini, ama ni penpal? A man needs p*ssy very often, and there is no solution to that other than a woman. Even wanking isnt a solution.


Woi…so what do you want ua to help you with

Congrats…! You are now firmly on the road to self destruction.

I hope you won’t blame the devil when it all falls apart…

He has enough problems already

Jesus is the only way out

Nanialisema ni noma kuwa na more than 10 side kicks? me naona ukiwa so straight ka my uncle

Washana na haters,fisi for life kamuwa h.k.m.b.l

You name resembles ua behavior “Murangiri Coomer”

if anything is stumbling you, cut it off

@murangiri… I hope you know this song. “maagatura ona jesu kuo”…ama hii ingine “haau uikitio ndungiuma hoooo”…ama hii ingine…“ruwere murangiri ruwere ruwereee,ruwere murangiri ruwere ruwere nyasae akhulindeee”

Nduri muhaishani utari wathica njogu!