Talkers obsessed with spreading their seeds

I fail to understand why guys pride themselves in siring kids with multiple women whom they claim to have “beauty and brains”. Case examples is this guy who has 6 kids with 6 different women, he further claims they ought to be 12 kids because some women have denied him access to the kids. Does it occur to you the more mouths to feed the more money that leaves your pocket? Why pride yourself in spreading your bonobo genes? what do you gain?

It takes two.


This nig is just yapping. Stress ya Kulea watoto sita plus baby mamas in tow sio mchezo…

hana hata kichana

Ni fikira kama hizi hudoom bonobos to infinite poverty. Mashida hazitawahiisha

“Woman with brains” anatumiwa weetabix na mzee anatumiwa ya keg :smiley:

Another veiled attempt at leading the young ones away from nature’s natural path.
She really hurt you man. No worries, you shall heal

He is on some bullshit… watoto sita na hii economy unapeleka wapi?

A fool and his whatever. As long as haitoki mfukoni mango, why should I care?

tabia ya diamond, alikiba and @Ka-Buda.In this economy 6 kids thats suicide

You should care, awareness must be created, those are future criminals, rapists, terrorists and murderers. @Father Figure presence ni muhimu.

He’s a Darwinian evolution success.