Talkers beware

Kuita jsks jskslmt will land you in jail where you will be kamuliwad by urchins the likes of @johntez addi gaza msafi [ATTACH=full]499199[/ATTACH]@administrator tell us Kama ukifinywa macende utaachikilia server ? @Electronics4u tunamuamini 100% .pledge your alligence to ktalk keyboard mafia.
Hata jambazi sugu mwenyewe anajua 90 % of talkers ni ghaseeer za pombe with zero risk apart from @Ndindu and @phamarcy who yap as they see fit .

Moi ruled for 24yrs but still left power and died.

Huyu msee hajui words preserve life or destroy life
He may end up dead na hizi “activism” zake btw these people never learn from the past, dying for a political course is the most foolish thing a man can do.

The post is clear, he was charged with creating disturbance in a manner likely to cause a breach of peace. There is no disturbance when we insult JSKS on this online forum.

Cope hard

Jambazi sugu kutoka Sugoi la miraba minne na misuli tinginya hawezi tisha wanakijiji. Although I’m 100% sure the authorities monitor Kenyan webspace so they already know what we say about him anyway.

Jsks is usually petty , he doesn’t like small insults unlike his predecessors . If @mnyambuo is squeezed well he can snitch our ip addresses

Wacha uoga Mkamba mwizi ruto asikutishe

Sawa kiongozi

Chali anakaa amekula panel beating proper courtesy of the mantis