Talker you hate most

Whenever I see Wakanyama and his gay friend uwesmake I punch the screen, true story. Nikiwapata watakuwa vibogoyo. Drops mic.

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Sijafika huko mimi

There is one nimesahau jina jana alikuja mbaya nikatusi na mamake kutoka apo ajaoongea pia kuna watu wengine hapa hujiona ao ndo kusema and kujifanya ma holy jo BOMBO CLAT!!


I know I’ll probably be listed here… No fucks given!

I like all the villagers wote! But change the thread to Talkers I want to fuck the most! Picking up the mic,clearing my throat… unicorn, monicah, manki, IceCube, kush, gashwin,doc Luther, wutang, meriamata,mathice,web,unco… list is long!! A


Hate for a person you interact with virtually is probably too strong a word to use.


I said it I hate those two fags, they tag me in all gay thread and like each others post when they insult me.

Thursday 4 PM Karura Forest, come in a Clown uniform I will be the guy with a trumpet seated next to a box of Rough riders


“why always me”

why hate an incognito na hata hamjui vipoa? hate uaself @poster 4 posting such BS

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Kwani ni ATM?

This is just another thread about uwesmake.

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Manki ,high schooler,junkie and kush
Reason;moral retards

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he he he,ati faggot @Web Dev anatuchukia tukiwa na@Kamau?this is hilarious


Hate is a bitch emotion. Enough said

@kamau ako sawa. But hate is abit too much

Pity the boy. Alibet 90k juzi on Argentina, saa hii amekunja mkia

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Hahaha @Female Perspective ukimalizana na @Ice_Cube unitafute. No ruff riders for me mambo DF


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@Female Perspective my painter is not available, I want you to paint a board stating

" In case You hear Screams, Notify the Passion Police"

it will be hanged at the entrance of Karura

I will repay you in Kind