Talia Oyando

TV presenter Talia Oyando caused tongues to wag when she took to social media to flaunt yellow mellow thighs in a tight skirt.

Talia looked all seductive as she sat on a seat dressed in a white shirt and a tight black skirt which offered panoramic view of her wondrous thighs.



Mafisi were drooling like crazy after Talia Oyando shared the titillating photos on social media. Nameless commented on Talia’s post to let her know she was really causing trouble.

“Haiyaaaa?? Ebu come we talk outside the tent hapa nyuma…” Nameless joked.



K is constant

Talia is a good person and a role model for many.

What about a capital K and a small k?

letea sisi same mbisha. this time bila make up.


Are you suggesting that we should hold no opinion of her thighs and voluptuous lips?

Watu hutoka far. Crazy to even imagine that’s Bob

sijui mbona kanakaanga kua na pudesh tightest a.k.a needle eye
shot ya kwanza na 1 minute bila aibu.
unaenda half time halafu unakaangushia shot mbili za moto.
kakiimba nightnurse kinembe inawasha tu

Its still constant. But she seems like that lady who you wanna fuck real good if given a chance. Jamaa anakulanga hii mali hukula vizuri.

This lady never seems to age and she has been in the TV/Radio scene for ages. Lakini hio mapaja ya huyu mkisii ni dry fry material mpaka leo. I remember many years ago when she used to host that Night Nurse reggae show on Nation fm. Back in the day, we would even listen to Talia during those evening prep hours using the small pocket size radios that we had smuggled into school. Every boy in our class then had a crush on Talia the night nurse. :smiley:

Wow…that is considered attractive? A woman way way past her prime.
I feel out of place

MILF ako fine

Oh yes that’s what I’m talking about The Wailers greatest reggae band of all time Bunny Bob and Peter. The young ones hawajui hawa

That face is too strong…mind you that is after amejipodoa.

To me she looks like an overgrown midget.

To me she looks ok… maybe 6ish out of 10. She does have a beautiful face though

Nani ashai kanyandua atupee bei na procedure?