Tales on how you discovered Ktalk and how old were you?

Basically I guess am one of the lucky ones to be at about 25 and have discovered the wiseness of K talk. Alphas na wadau… Sijui what I was doing kwa net then kidogo kidogo link, And from there on, there has been no turning back… Almost five years strong and here is where i get tips on certain aspect of life. Cant wait ten years to be a pioneer interviewing the newcomers and recruiting them. Once you go Ktalk you never go back… hahahaha… Thats my story

For once NV ako na akili. Niko nyuma yako NV.

Mimi nililipwa na admin @Deorro year 1820 nikuom ktalk nika influence kijiji yote ya klist ikuje hapa

Almost 5 years … ok

Yeah , we umekaa how long?

6 years and counting

almost a year now. kwanza usernames za watu hapa!!:stuck_out_tongue:

I remember very well,I was two

Mimi ni big wig hizi sides na nilijoin hii kijiji old monkey akijiongelesha Pekee yake hapa



Tell us about it yawa…you are not the only 25 year old. Here noone gets older than that. I am still 23 despite joining 4 years ago at 26. Others are in their mid twennies despite being on a forum Klist? many moons ago…
You are in youthful kobanay

We ghassia si ulipigwa na bibi juzi ukaanza kulia

The one and only KTalk Sweetheart directed me to this,to this…to this place.
Oh,and I am 22.5 going on twendi.

Mimi nililetwa na thread ya safisha macho because I had problems with my eyes. That was before the purge by purpleste.

Not sure how I found myself here. Some random Gugu search about some topic of interest about Kenya.

Hapa ukipita 25, the rest of the years over and above 25 don’t add to your age, inaitwa experience.

Mimi nakumbuka nilikuwa kwenye pilka pilka zangu za ulevi pale sabina joy. Nikiwa pale kwa zile sinatab I saw one baldie .who kept on smiling and was holding a gilbey bottle and was surrounded by fine humongous momos in the sofa. Out of curiosity nilitaka kujua what made hii laugh like a psycho. Nilienda kuchua ash tray kwa hiyo meza alikuwa I saw the Kenyatalk hapo juu. I googled it na hapo ndio nilijipata kijiji nikicheza ka wazimu.:D:D:D. I guess huyo baldie alikuwa one and the only lichoti @uwesmake .

Wewe pia mama Clichy hukupiga…ama niweke screenshot?

Five years strong and u joined in 2017…shenji.

kuna kitu inaitwa distant follower…

Could I be @Davidee? I highly doubt that