Tale of my lesbian room-mate

It’s the year 20— something, and am as fresh as they come. Pure mind, pure eyes, pure soul. Coupled with the timidness and the innocence of high school, am sort of ready to conquer the campus life.

I have my bible in check, long skirts packed(before I discovered the norm and were quickly donated to charity two weeks later) and an attitude to mind my own business. No boys (men), booze or drugs. Just me and my books. I had to get good grades. Got a future to make.

Anyway, since am not good in telling tales, I will just skip to the part that attracted you here; the heading; yes…my room-mate.

The matron, or whoever she was, hands me new keys and I get myself in a room which am to share with three other girls. I prefer the top bed. Being the clean, strict person that being a first born has made me, I don’t want anyone to be sitting on my sheets. Mimi huyooo…juu.

The first person to come into the room is a girl that well, is not all that pretty. I like! She’s missing one front tooth and all the while am thinking, this can make a good friend. Boys wont be hovering around her anytime soon and she will most def be engrossed in books. She tells me she’s saved, a freshman like me and shes here to do Accounts. Awesome! I vow to keep her as my best buddy. That way, she can be my wingman anytime. And she looks tough too, that’s a plus.

In enters a very ferking beautiful chic. Ghai! She’s such natural beauty (no homo). She says she’s a 3rd year, been here for sometime. The angel has been retaking courses like shit. She’s a thick head and it’s obvious she got money so her being here is just for the cert. Hehehe these species actually exists!

Majioni hivi, am all alone reading a novel. And there she bursts the door open; standing on the door is a girl in her early twenties. African, Kenyan, looking confident in tight jeans and top. Drops her bags and rushes to my bed. “Hey, am Puthe*, 3rd year”. She flashes a dimple. I smile back, “Freshman, Iam Trish”.

She closes the door and removes her sweaty top. No bra! Ferk! Two lovely, firm, African TITTIES bounce!

That’s the first time am seeing breasts since I stopped breastfeeding…I close my eyes so that she undresses…she asks, “Weren’t you in boarding school?”. I nod, “am straight from a day school!”.

She grins…little did I know that my answer would cost me a lot…and my escapades were just beginning…


No! NO! NO!!!..we completely banned this “to be continued” thing! Trish don’t be like that!
@Purr_27 so your boobies were bouncing infront of a fresher and then…

hey hey, trish is a jolly good fellow.
First lady to go down the hekaya route


Kind request to Admin…we don want series in this forum …tunataka movie moja na inaisha…These hekayas always leaving us hanging,HATUTAKI TENE !!!

why would you escape from firm nyonyos?..what a waste…:slight_smile:


I like it when a girl describes another girl’s titties, endelea tafadhali


It’s coz everytime I remember her, I shudder…:rolleyes:

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Trish we have to hear the rest of this story…but know we fully nominate you with loads of love:


nitaendelea after I stop with the mental orgasmic homophobic sin going on in my head…



Whenever I c 2 lesbians, I always c an opportunity for a 3some


such opportunities are rare…:slight_smile: threesomes are better with strangers…:slight_smile:

Hmmmm, this is juicy

@trish do you have any photos related to this story?


@trish usiwe hivo banaaa. Hii si story ya to be continued…

I demand the rest of this hekaya! Haiya!


hii kijiji imejaa maseries. Tf! atleast si mtupee timeline basi … @trish episode 2 when?

wewe! wacha kuharibu bana…wacha iflow