Tale of my lesbian room-mate..Pt 2

So, here I am. With no freaking clue of what am being exposed to. Ready to make friends and mingle in the norm that is campus life. A proud virgin; am all testimonies in the bible study groups.

Any who, Puthe is slowly turning this naked thing into something I can be comfortable with. So breasts always exposed, she makes it a habit to always drop her towel whenever am all alone with her in the room. Its uncomfortable and as much as possible, I try to avoid looking at her black butt. I don’t find it weird since in my head, she could be doing this with the others too. The other pretty room mate is never around though, she is the life of the party. Miss “missing one tooth” is none the bothering type. So I feel no need to ask either.

So this one lazy Friday afternoon, we both not having classes. Puthe is in her shorts as usual, no bra, and a tight vest. She takes her roller and does some “manly” rolls on the floor. Hizo vitu watu hufanya na roller. Am ferking impressed. She notices.

Offers to let me try. Am a slim, small girl so I can’t even lift myself off the floor. She grabs my hips and lets me grab the roller. Her vagina or whatever she had between her legs, is pressing my butt as I innocently try to do a roller thing. She’s breathing hard on my neck…whispering some gibberish. My heart is pounding fast. Jesus wtf! Am sweating still having not done a single press up. She says my hair smells nice. I tell her its Venus, I could lend her some.

Then as I try to raise my hips up, I feel her vibrating and am like, haiya? Ni nini? I realize she just came(past tense ya cum sijui). I feel so used. So nkt!! How could she cum over my ass? I let it pass. I am not impressed and am starting to read lesbian vibe in her(yes, I was that slow).

Fast forward, Puthe gets a place outside campus. She still holds a soft place for me, she decides to invite me and a certain friend to a ka-house warming off campus. Sisi haoooo, its 9pm. Weird is ni sisi tu watatu. We plan to spend the night as a girls’ night out. She got drinks and stuff. She knows I don’t do alcohol, so theres Delmonte for me(sweet haa?). Drinks, stories, nini nini. Its 11pm, its obvious we cant go anywhere. She decides its movie time, Woiiii. Puthe puts hardcore porn. Forgive me God. This was my first time looking/seeing this kinda thing. Am freaked!!! Like @Ka-Buda’s lock, mlango ya Puthe somehow ati locks from inside and only the person who can open lazima awe nje.

So am here, nacheki porn and sweating profusely, I feel guilty as if am cheating on God. Puthe strategically sits beside me. The other girl is impressed. She is describing things I never heard before. Never even seen. Puthe leans to tell me something, and I convince myself am straight, I am already getting pissed by her vibes; and there’s no way I was created to be pleased by a woman. Her clean long fingers make their way up my trao, as if I aint noticing. Shit. Am all tension btw now. I ask God aki to intervene. I cant scream jameni. And there’s no way am letting my hymen be broken by a ka-female-finger.

Am a virgin but I know my kanini is almost exploding in a way I can’t control.

The porn movie is in full blast. Puthe is breathing funny, biting one of her fingers in a sexual form. Kidogo, a ki-drunk boy bursts in asking for kiberiti. And that’s how the spell in my body was broken. The porn was no longer interesting. I felt sick of everything.

Mimi huyooooo, I called a friend to take me to the hostel claiming I had very painful Ps. The only way I could get into the hostel gate was just fake sickness. It was worth it. So I left Puthe all high and dry…but a semester later, she engaged(yes ring and shit) a beautiful lesbian (outside the closet) working chic….


I will ignore the last two paragraphs and if you will excuse me; i am going to have a wank. …shouldn`t take too long.
Oh!..Thanks @trish !!!


Trish is kabuda ama baby moma



Could somebody edit the last two paragraphs to meet the heightened expectations of the village.


Huyo boy ni coomer sana, for fucks sake why didn’t he have a matchbox. Weka part 3


I swear mimi si @trish and i am so happy that we have her around.
@trish ,we need to do a “Collabo” and release the mother of all Hekayas . I like your writing style.

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@trish …you have just given me very unholy throbing thoughts…


becoz we all love sex…dont you?

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Probably because this is the “Sex and Relationship” section…
I know you are not the sharpest tool in the shed ,but that was a Dumb question…Numb-nuts!


Fo ferks sake!!. You owe me part 3,4 of your lebso encounters… Naenda kunyonga monkey(kawasaki) will be back

@admin, we have found our winner for that airtime you give out to your multiple handles and ka-buda!!


hata POTUS amefurahi hiyo story


Huyo Ni @agik, he is always running out of matchboxes


@trish be careful, @Ka-Buda can make you pregnant by wanking too much to your stories, in future inbox me first just to be safe


poor girl! ambushed by a ferkin dyke! Good writing though, I like…


Hii hekaya bado kwisha, edit the last 2 paragraphs


[ATTACH=full]10300[/ATTACH] Let me go put on some handcore porn…asande

This was not the climax i expected. Wacha nirudi nicheze Battlefield