Tale of my lesbian room-mate..Pt 2 b (wankers’ version)

So am here, nacheki porn and sweating profusely, I feel guilty as if am cheating on God. Puthe strategically sits beside me. The other girl is impressed. She is describing things I never heard before. Never even seen. Puthe leans to tell me something, and I convince myself am straight, I am already getting pissed by her vibes; and there’s no way I was created to be pleased by a woman. Her clean long fingers make their way up my trao, as if I aint noticing. Shit. Am all tension by now. I ask God aki to intervene. I can’t scream jameni. And there’s no way am letting my hymen be broken by a ka-female-finger.

The porn movie is in full blast. Puthe is breathing funny, biting one of her fingers in a sexual form, as she tries hysterically to navigate her hand through my tight jeans trao. After a few attempts, she now has her palm resting on my crotch, but it cannot go further due to the constricted space. At this point, she wiggles her fingers around to push my panty sideways and goes ahead to stroke my kanunuu with her middle finger. Starting off gently, she presses the finger lengthwise on my kanunuu, gradually increasing the pressure. The feeling was in-between guilt and enjoyment. Seeing that my tight jeans trao was preventing her from positioning her hand strategically, I knew I had a few precious moments to think of a way out. By now, my thinking was critically clouded by this strange sensuous feeling that I had never experienced before. Had I been my normal self, it would not have taken a second to tell her off. The throbbing was not just in my head, my pelvis too was pulsating. By now, my panty was all wet from the few seconds she had her finger jammed in between my two ‘lips’. I could now feel her trying to steer her middle finger upwards and inwards, guided by the slippery flaps of my kanunuu. Instinctively, I jolted myself upwards, trying to stand up. In hindsight, this is was a big mistake.

The act of straightening my legs eliminated the resistance that was preventing Puthy from ramming her middle finger fully into me. Within a split second, she had jammed the entire middle finger into my kanunuu. Before I could come to terms with the new situation, she had managed to squeeze two fingers-the first finger and the middle finger. At this point, I lost whatever control I had left in me. With one huge thump, I collapsed into the seat again. However, this time round, my jeans trao had descended halfway to my knees, leaving me at Puthy’s mercy. Now on her knees and with me seated in a slanting posture, she held by waist from behind with her left hand as she thoroughly worked on my kanunuu with the right hand. I was no longer in control. My pelvis started to thrust back and forth. It was all involuntary, it wasn’t me. As she continued to thrust her long fingers into me, I started talking in grunting as words failed to compose in my voice box. I was not sure of what I wanted to say but I knew I wanted to say something. As I drifted further in this pleasure sensation, she lifted my blouse from one side, yanked my bra out of the way, and went ahead to vacuum my left boob into her mouth. Now that was another weak point I never thought existed. I now had to endure indescribable pleasure from two points. For the first time, I was not in this world. I was too immersed soaking in the pleasure to give a thought to my previous inhibitions. After what seemed like an eternity, I could not stand the delightful feeling any longer. I crossed my legs over her hand, trapping it in-between my thighs with a vice-like grip. This action made Puthi curl her middle finger upwards, triggering a chain reaction that sent to another world, momentarily. I felt a powerful jolt of electric shock race from by inner abdomen to my nether regions and back, shaking my kanunuu violently. This violent yet pleasurable spasm was shortly followed by a warm gush of what I thought was a pee splash, wetting both of us. This was followed by a moment of huge relief. Silence ensued, as we both tried to calm down from the heavy panting and sweating.

I did not know what to say seeing what mess I had created. Despite this, Puthy did not seem to mind that I had messed both of us. She seemed collected and actually offered me a towel to clean up. Neither of us dared stare the other in the face- we acted as if nothing had happened. It is then that I noticed a female figure resting on the bed behind our seat. For all this time, my other friend had been enjoying the spectacle from the bed. I must have forgotten that we were three of us.

This was to become one of my longest nights as what I had been through so far was just but a curtain raiser.


Almost had a boner. This hermaphrodite can write. Naona anatembea pale xnxx hekaya section.

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@Stony = @Unicorn

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Excellent ending!
Now the small matter of un-earthing the mystery of who @Stony really is. All we know so far is that @Stony joined KTalk today…
I have a few suspects in mind and here they are;
@Stony = @Unicorn (stony tangawizi)
@Stony = @Supu don (she is Bi-sexual so she is speaking from experience)
@Stony = @Purr_27 (i always suspected she had something to hide from her past)
@Stony = @trish (probably too embarrassed to own up to the fact that she has a lesbian past)

@Stony = Any of these Horny men on KTalk who have been watching too much porn…

The mystery deepens…


FYI was Puthe her real name or nickname or it was chosen to spice up the story @trish ?

Good writing…er…man!?

Can only think of two; @junkie ama @kush yule mnono

@Stony = @trish

Re read it and I bet this is the real version,I wont be convinced otherwise


Totally agree. Hence the desperate need for anonimity. I can`t decide if its @trish or @Unicorn but its one or the other.

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You are slow today. Have you had your dose?

This is the wankers’ version kind of like a parody

That was a twist to give her time to come up with a different handle ndo amalizie stori

Otherwise huyo boy wa matchstick ni @agik n he confirmed he has never asked for the same from 3 chics watching porn in a campus hostel


Lets also not rule out @Nefertities mwenye matiti makubwa


@kingolonde = @mabenda4

Huyo Puthy Ni mwk wa the Atheist.

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