Take this serious: I need a written proposal to convince an overseas company to open shop in kenya

OK talkers, for those who might have ideas on how I can nail this overseas company to open an outlet in East Africa that will serve the whole of sub-Saharan Africa.

The only outlets they have are located in Alexandria and Durban. Basically guys from east and Central Africa have to go the Nordics to get the supplies they need. A good reason is because Egypt is too expensive in terms of travelling and shipping and South Africa has a bad reputation of handling African clients.

Here is where you guys come into play, am not good with writing business proposals and such stuffs. If I can get a good plan on how to convince these Guyz to set up shop within our region this will be a good venture coz am sure they will employ a good number of Guyz in different capacities.

So the main problem here is to getting them to listen if not read to my idea. My idea is still in its early stages so after a few ideas here and there we can form a solid plan that i(we) will push.

Kindly give me your thoughts. Tsengiu

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Cash is king… buy the franchise .

We’re talking about a single apparatus that costs more than 6 million here

@Panyaste part 2 ya ile saga ya ungwaro bana

Best way to go about it is buy the apparatus from them then convince them to be their sole stockist/distributor going forward.

Start with a franchise here, build clientele one at a time, within a few year you can demonstrate the need for more and demand for a bigger partnership. Good luck.

I guess to set up a franchise and let it grow. But also we have to look at reasons affecting their investment in Kenya.

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Why can’t you be their agent?

I think starting as an agent will be the best.
Am in negotiations with some American company too for a certain product that can hit in the whole of east Africa.
Waiting for them to lay down their demands.

Good luck mate.

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Which product is this?