Take it or leave it,Luo women with fishy like lips give da best BJs

lips kama za akina simpsons (the cartoon)…these luo chics wanajua kupatiana BJ…She 1st kisses the tip of yr mdeki alafu teases the head of mdeki before going all in…alafu due to thickness of their lips una feel the warmth…anapaka matee kwa msedez alafu ile kitu ubamba is when bjaying u she releases some sexy moans…nyako napenda sana



Too bad for those of us who have not sampled osumu tings! Makes me feel bad when I remember how I was offered a luo nyap sometime back but didn’t realize it till I ‘grew up’

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I will kindly Pass thank you. I don’t fancy tapping a P while wearing a gas mask.

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· She has been taught to respect men and not challenge their authority

· She has a big ass so doggy ni lazima

· She is used to uncut dics so if you are circumcised she’ll scream all night

· She can actually cook (trained by mother and grand mother)

· Her teeth are all white (no stains)

· Jiggers haziezi mpata

· It is unlikely that a Luo woman will hire a gang to kill you

· It is unlikely that a Luo woman will slip something into your drink so that she can rob you


· Unfortunately the probability that she is HIV+ is 71%

· Most Luo chics are dark skin so their punani is not soo lovely to look at

· Most Luo chics have a big ass and plump thighs which blocks the punani from breathing as a result it smells like sewer

· Most Luo chics are school drop outs and those who’ve completed school are not so sharp.

· Ugali has a cultural and spiritual significance in the luo community so if you marry a Luo lady your run the risk of eating Ugali for the rest of our natural life

· If you die before her, she gets inherited by her uncle and your name goes to waste.

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We talkin Bjay nigga and 4 yr info i once laid a kyuk chic with a very smelly puccii…i jus went 2 raos and said 2 ma self siwezi tena and mind u i was drunk

Coomernyoko weka mbicha ama bibi ya Simpson

haiya .thot ulidedi…glad 2 see u back…mcoondu ww


All women are similar ask @Female Perspective @Unicorn

The fact about jiggers is a non-fact. the inheritance isht is not applicable as so are many of your weak arguments.

I bet I’m better at it than those Simpsons ladies you talk about.


:D:D:D:D fish factory