Take Caution Fellow Alphas

There’s this chick called Aisha saddaf based in mtwapa very dangerous one. We met around kendas went to a guest house had sex, drunk alcohol but when i woke up all my things were gone( even my clothes) . This chic has now robbed me three times and today its gonna be the fourth. Keep me in your prayers guys.

:oops::oops::oops: Ur afool how can you be robbed three times and still go back to be robbed .

…as in you are anticipating another muosho? Troll!

Kuja nikufire msenge wa bara

She has fire waist i cant resist

Ati fellow alphas. Where

Hii umeffi rudisha mukuru


Umeffi thread.


It’s a slow Tuesday in njaanuary. Waelewe.

Mara nne ukirudi tu kwa nyap moja ukiibiwa kwa kweli unahitaji maombi


Some people are generally slow

Sense of humour in the forum is at an all time low.


Weka picha yake tujue hiyo kunguru

ushatombwa akili wewe

3 times before… The joke is on you… Why not just marry her so that aibe na arudishe hizo vitu kwa nyumba yenu…

Stole everything including my phone

Niko hapo kendas village hotel pia, a rule of thumb, avoid swahilis who drink. Akiitisha drinks before aingie room that’s an alert. Also ukiwa room ukatae drinks she’ll try to give you breasts to suck, kataa pia hiyo. Being a sober man helps me a lot. I had such a kunguru juzi hapo kendas