Tailors and Shoemakers

Villagers, anyone here knows any tailors and shoemakers? I would like to henceforth have tailor made clothes and shoes.

Who doesn’t know a shoemaker and a tailor?

Little Red. Kimanthi street.


Your language betrays your peasantry.
Mbirionairs talk of Custom made!

Peasant detected!

Sisi watu wa Bently husema individualized

Tailors wa hapa we specialize on thongs and similar stuffs only --pink handle clients only.

Real ones talk of hand made,hand stitched…etc

enda kariokor wakupime mguu utengenezewe safari boot no.2 in 15 minutes…then upitie hapo luthuli ununue ‘material’ wakuundie suti in 45 minutes…ununue briefcase no.2 hapo kampala coach na utakuwa tu sawa