Place full of desperate hoes these are people’s girlfriends

With no picture for us to judge if they are potential gf then I consider this @kelele tuu

Admin alianza ufala hataki mbisha I have a lot of evidence on my WhatsApp

I have ferked three girls from tagged alone.One is actually in my bed right now as I jot this down

So what is your usual handle? Lazima ulifungu tagged ukapata kamtu kako uko…

Multihandler detected

tofauti ya tagged na nairobi raha ni?

There is this rule: any woman u see is a potential fresh peddler. The how and when of inserting ur genitalia into hers is what differentiates them.:D:D

mbona sijapatana na hao madame wako so willing kugawa kuma on Tagged ?
ama ni mimi siangalii poa.

If you need a gal wa qutwomber any time,any day of the week simply log into Tinder,personally I have shagged 3 incidentally they were in all occassions ;single mothers from Kasarani and Zimmer areas…

This is how you open a conversation on tagged.

" nataka vitu" after that it’s very easy

My stats are as follows
Ok cupid-13

My hunting ground is badoo. I lost count

Without mbisha we assume unagurumisha nduthi

Badoo is the easiest hunting ground for me.

Haha comeback ikuje na evidence

I learnt a painful lesson to never to post a lady’s pic on ktalk so sahau effidence hupati ng’oo

He he…CL, Tinder, Telegram, Badoo in that order of notoriety. CL is as direct as Nairobi Raha ni flagging tu iko mob, Tinder ata malanye wenyewe wanakwambianga ni ya malaya, Telegram u jus need to join hook up groups (nliskia after CL personals kufungwa malanye walikimbilia huku temporarily) if telegram was as open as whatsapp, ingepita site zote za ngono, Badoo - i can give it 4/10, majority of the hoes here are conservative when it comes to sextalk, but i have fckd several from here.