Have you read the story in The Nairobian of this lady called Laura Imali, who apparently is being sexually abused in the US by a fisi she met on tagged.com? I hear there’s a video of her doing a double barrel doing the rounds on WhatsApp.

Nairobi girls nakupenda ubwete!!! At the risk of sounding heartless, let it be a lesson to other ladies like her.

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I keep hearing this story and i havent watched the video either. But i suspect that it was just some rough porn and she was paid for it. Uliza @junkie about facial abuse. It looks really rough and you can think the chic has been forced into it. But its totally legit and voluntary. The chic even gets paid for it. Find a documentary called Hot Chics Wanted.

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Wewe! Stale news


Naisikia leo…

Hekaya standard waliandika after kukosa story. Thats just porn bwana.

by the way congrats on “kumaliza saumu”.

WACHA akamuliwe mpaka akunie


Asanta, saa hii ka-digital ndio kananirarukia mdogomdogo kwa gari…




The video is on that thread and its as gross as it can get…@mayekeke…naona jaba imeiva mbayiaa!

mama,There is only one place i know hufanya digital.Pangani shoping centre.Niko na base hapo hivo.

if she did it voluntary then world is surely coming to an end…the vid is gross…very inhumane to say the least.

but this stuff has been going on for years…there is even grosser stuff out there.

Na hii dunia kwani iishangi i have been hearing this since i was a kid long time ago…


Miuchukulia veve hapo kwa Davey lakini saa hizi nachukua Digital Easich.

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Thinking that the world will end because some local bird stars in a bdsm clip is abit retarded.

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biach is paid $ 4,000 per scene that’s Ksh 400,000.how many of you maafakaz make that per year???

How do you know the remuneration terms with such certainty, are you an agent?

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Where did you get that figure? The average for a pornstar is is $1000 - $2000 if they are well known…for an amateur its $400 - $800