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Wangapi wamepitia


well, we can all log on to tagged and see thousands of bitches. What makes this one special? did she rob you? else, they are just hustling like you. I see no point bringing bitches here, unless with real reasons. It screams ulinyimwa and you are bringing them here to malign them. I would never post a bitch that was nice and served me well. Ukinyimwa, acha machungu.

Maybe she told him he has a small dick

maybe. Me knows well kiyo kitu (pussy) hupeanwa kulingana na how asked, and how your social profile appears. nimenyimwa na wengi (possibly because of attempting higher calibre ones with full guts, :D:D:D). Likewise, the few that yield to my charms, I cant expose. No kiss and tell

When you want the services of a certain “car”, you inquire how it performs from other drivers who have had an encounter with it… I think that is self explanatory…acha machungu baba nani


Pambana na hali yako…K-talk is not a place to lecture anyone on morality…do you as i do me

heheee, i don’t inquire. I ask the general manager to provide key I test drive. and if I don’t like it, thank him and buy him a beer.

Niuzie kuma mia tatu shoti moja inbox digits

sawa kila mtu apambane na hali yake basi

if i was a coomer carrier, I would ask you which currency first?:D:D . the one you posted is worth several times that value in my eyes.

Ktalk Validation point seekers

Iko sawa… nadai kupitia

@Thiem umekuja na pink handle? HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Niliona hii handle kwa inbox ikijaribu kuni-bait :smiley:


Those knees have surely kissed many carpets or should I say tiles.

Good silhouette but a visible tag is selling her short. Would tap after a serious binge.

Habari @hakimoto

Anaitwa Diana

Ukona number?

Siwezimind kukuingia DFBLBH