Tafteni iyo video

As i was nursing my hangover pserko I happened to switch on ntv leo Mchana.
Kuna ka shiny eye kalikua kana comment on public participation pale county hall. This lady deserves a Medal for osungu dll

Ndio hii apa. Pia mimi nliogopa iyo rusungu. Weee!

…and he still retained a semi…ama ilikua foreplay? :D:D

you asshole…

Hii hamisha to the right forum @admin ama weka spoiler some of us open these pages in public:eek::eek:

Thats a gentleman…u dont fight female species…but u can hit them once in a while :D:D. Unaeza pata jamaa alipatwa juu ya dem mwingine

Maybe that’s (pain) how he gets it on:eek::eek: