Tabitha Karanja to be arrested as soon as spotted

DPP NOORDIN HAJI orders arrest of Keroche Industries and its proprietors Tabitha and Joseph Karanja over tax fraud[ATTACH=full]255329[/ATTACH]

Competition has to be eradicated one way or another.


the government is broke, now every body who was previously not complying hana bahati, mtu akisota hutafuta zile coins ziko hata kwa hemming, sahi all records will be scrutinized,more will follow soon.

This is too much From betting now to Liqour next will be ktalk hailipi tax…
Itabidi tumehama kenya sasa

Huyu alipeleka KRA mbio sometime back and she won. So sioni wakimuweza unless they plant illegals in her firm

Apply for a compliance certificate today uone mambo. I was told I did not file returns in 2002 and 2014. Fine sh 2400. I had to pay up.

Different DCI. Huyu si mchezo. They weigh the case before they file.

we know the usual drill. and we know which beer company is holding statehouse by the balls.

They what???:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

mimi nilifile nikaambiwa ati niko na liabilities amou ting (i have no idea what liabilities are) 7,000/-…2017 3k…2018 4k…

Watangoja niwalipe hiyo pesa…

shait this is becoming too much

DPP amekuwa slayking akitafuta za macho.

Do you of any convictions arising from the filings of the “new” DCI and DPP?

Cases are in court. Can we just wait and see one outcome at least?

Have you forgotten the hooded KRA employees who would have been colluding with tax evaders?

He is doing that part right, but telling suspects through press releases that you are going to arrest them is defeatist. Suspects have an opportunity to flee or destroy evidence before they ever waltz into the court room or are cornered.

Don’t you think two years is a fairly long time to jail mere thieves? Sii uliona murica vile walk-in a rakish is kesi ya kina Akasha na tulikuwa tumeshindwa.

I dont think her prosecution is genuine…she has been battling her competitors since inception…thru govt agencies…its in the public domain

Si unaona ni PR anafanya sasa, thats how we know he is a political tool

But who has fled and not been apprehended. And how can you destroy computer data evidence. They have it beforehand?

Remember the Akashas were arrested in 2017. And they please guilty. So there was no case as such.