Systems Down

Systems that help planes land have been down in JKIA for a while. Planes being diverted to mombasa ama kisumu.

Question how do they expect travellers to then get to Nairobi?

would you rather they risked landing with faulty systems so that they are not inconvenienced?

They will foot the costs of putting them in a hotel and once all is clear fly them to Nairobi. Sasa the problem will be sorting out those who will miss urgent must attend commitments.

Ok…let me rephrase the question…how will they make sure the clients arrive in Nairobi?

Ni vile tumezoea kuongeleshana vibaya hapa

Thanks booboo

You are always welcome xxx. You owe the village some mbishas of your latest mountaneering escapade.

Why are you concerned

smart shuttle
we ready for them


I would like to go to Amsterdam one day and would like to know what happens ndio nikuwe ready

Happens all the time, bad weather or other issues.

our friend miss shosh has answered you up there. i’d rather miss a thousand appointments than die in a fiery ball…

Niliweka picha kwa ile thread ya alfajiri sacco

Will check it out.

Sasa kupanda kale ka hill ka pale thogoto imekuwa mountaneering?

Kwendar ilikuwa actual mountain climbing

You will have recited the rosary 10 times even tho you may not be a catholic…you will then sigh a big sigh of relief once the plane makes the emergency landing…you will even cry river Nyando…

systems are back, ntv reports.

Apana…wewe huelewi. Labda nitakuwa nimeharibu sana huko Amsterdam so probably nitarudi na fair ya kufika nyumbani pekee yake kwa mfuko from Nairobi. So i wanted to know wakinipeleka mombasa na sina pesa what would happen.

Tema hio mate ya ndege kuteleza!

Kwani utaenda kusafisha rungu Amsterdam uwache Njeri na Achieng huku?

Oh I get you now. Lakini, I know why you are going to Amsterdam. Story for another day.