Syrians in Paris

Hii tabia gani hii mwanaume anafanya hadharani.


:D:D. Arab sophistication. I know you can’t understand or relate. African Savage

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interesting. thought as a rule musulmen do the back business with the left hand @mayekeke ? could this be a hate video?


haraaam , halallllll

Huyo ni umbwa ingine inaitwa @Aar

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Malaya mzee niwache

This some nasty stuff, what I can say is homeless people do some weird stuff. Why does he wash his ass then lightly rinse his hands , then rinse his nose and mouth? Disgusting

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Desperation converts a human to a sub-human. I see people advocating for war and shake my head.


Video is from last year and that was Italy not Paris

I’m gagging here. I avoid Arabs like I avoid vomit on the footpath. You cannot pay me enough to mingle with hao watu

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Have you read INFIDEL?

No. Tell me more

I haven’t

You know how you can’t stand Arabs coz they are kinda gross, the book is written by a Somali woman who says when they came to Eastleigh in the 80s there was dirt and sewer everywhere and how the grandma had a disgust for Kenyans ant their sukuma wiki cuisine. When in reality Somalis made Eastleigh inhabitable. In regards to the video above, that is not gross to them, it’s normal.

Thanks. It will be a window into the views of what a Somali thinks about Kenya though books meant for public consumption tend to be high on PC so I’ll have to judge for myself. one gives a shiet<---------[SIZE=1]see what i did there?[/SIZE]:Dthats savage bwana

Interesting…Ayan Hirsi grew up/lived in Kenya? I’ve watched some of her vids when she debates other muslims and fanatics.

Partly and even went to Muslim girls.

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