Sweep kiasi


Dhetha thini my frien.

Kwan mmekosana na admin Juu umeanza kupublicize your private chats?.. Jilted lover manenos

Kuna comment imekua deleted. I got offended somehow

I saw that, what are your other handles?

Wacha kusumbua raia…rudisha io comment

Yaani hujui hii ng’ombe?

No me on a wakisema yeye ni webdev


Eghesagane bosa


Campaign ziliisha my fren!
kaa huku kwa jua na sisi peasants :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

That’s an automated message sent to every member. on the deleted comment, follow the rules

hio ni oppo ipi?

Meffi :D:D

Mimi sikutumiwa , mnanidiscriminate


Hata wewe Mrs D?

Auto correct manenos