Sweaty Inner Thighs

This is one condition that I’ve struggled with from a young age.

After walking a short distance The sweating starts and having two wet skin rubbing against each other results in a sore And painful inner thighs that takes days to heal.

@Luther12 is there a way to prevent this or I have to live with it.

ur fat! exercise


Yes, that thing fat women wear called a biker. Tumia hiyo.


Fanya hivi na upunguze weight kijana… You are a ticking timebomb for lifestyle/dietary conditions

Women wear “bikers” for this reason…Think along that line.

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women still wear bikers? really…howdy twinkle toes

Derailing brigade tunawaona

Wear longer tighter boxers mboss. Isiwe tight kwa balls lakini.

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wooishe, tha wasnt my intention…i was actually asking if women still wear bikers…a genuine very genuine question. morning.

Son,you are suffering from a condition called Parasimo Karastisicco.You may need to use some gel ama upake vaseline that reduces the friction between your tighs.I also suspect that you are fat,exercises will reduce the fat content in your tighs.

Yeah, us BvB still do. Ask twinkle toes he knows:D

I cant also comprehend!


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Howdy boss lady :wink:

Get a bike my friend…2 advantages:

  1. you wont have to walk much
  2. You will be exercising which is what you really need to do to loose that weight
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Just how do your thighs rub against each other when you are in trousers? .


:D:D:D:DI literally laughed out loud.

Dude…don’t you get it…this guy is not just fat…he is extremely fat!!!

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Hadn’t thought along that line but that question is very valid

Unless people wear tight fitting trousers where there is no room between the balls and where the legs of the trousers meet you wouldn’t understand.