Swali tuu

Is it true that the Ino ni MOMO guy is dead…R.I.P. that momo tho


@ice cube=Kenny Kaburu

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That’s what he expected you to say

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hehe not a chance hun my name may have two k initials but not kenny kaburu

Lol the funny hing is he jokes but is afraid of me :confused::confused:… si leo dont feel like working :confused::confused:


define “Afraid”

Wacheni kuderail listing …

Dont blame him @Kawambui nearly dry fried him in Klist with a pink handle so that’s why he “fears”…U can send him a pic of your bosom with ur initials so that
u can bost his confidence…But send it to me first so that I can verify authenticity.

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The guy is dead

Wewe @Purr_27 must you turn every thread to be about you Hehe, you just can’t resist the urge hehehe

Sowwy:(:frowning: its icecubes fault not me …:oops::oops::oops::oops:

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What killed him?