swali tu

is @Liberty Really a Priest?

are you a boy,?

niaje pure blood?

This won’t end well…

Hi @gashwin

hi, how’s the going?

am good:)

You need not bother yaself. You will never know…

Strange turn of events!

stop reading more than you can see…


There you go again… The speck in ya eye just became a trunk… Remember what you told the Chancellor of Tukstan?

We got the right to see what we want. @Sus salimianga watu wote… Wengine huendanga off line :smiley:


:DWhy are you so bitter its le scumbag?

@Sus so sorry ma’am. A thousand apologies. Shud not have dragged you into my tete a tete with @gashwin

So tuseme @Sus = @Guru ama ni kunyemelea ndume ya mwenyewe

wacha u-uncle Theo:D:D:D:D:D

Asante fellow Kanono. Hadn’t seen this. I am not @Sus
@It’s Le Scumbag I thought you we are buddies :frowning:

We are buddies…big buddies. But dealing with half truths and whole lies is not part of the arrangement.
Remember ‘Scumbag you disappoint me’?

I agree buddy. And from that time, disappointments vanished. :slight_smile: