Swali nyeti

From my observation, Gikuyu girls generally have apparently flattened butts… I’m not being tribal… Ni miwani inanidaganya or guys you have also observed this?

How many kikuyu girls have you observed?

You are looking at the wrong Kikuyu girls, and by wrong I mean a small number.

I lost count

Very myopic.

That’s a subjective observation and it could be a small number.

Yes! You right for the first time

Your observation needs to be observed.

How do you know they are Gikuyu girls

Nothing stereotyped from my observation.

Try to observe again

My parents say that during their times, our friends from Central had no behinds. Ati all of a sudden, they’ve sprouted ass!

They all lack the typical female figure. Only a few elements, products of mutation and intermarriage exhibit different shapes.

The aGikuyu as a community comprises not less than 5 million people spanning from Mombasa to Kisumu. Environment and other factors therefore render invalid the illusion of the aGikuyu as a monolith. I personally know Gikuyu ladies with ass for days. And Others with the stereotypical Mt Kenya body. Hockey-stick legs, masculine torso n such. I actually know a Luhya lady with such features too. So yeah.

Stop body shaming our women pris…


You now getting irrelevant


It certainly can’t be all Kikuyu women.

Atì kìì…maheni. Maheni maumìru. Need to switch off that illumination…