Swali kwa atheists

If they really believe that life is by a chance, why then spend time looking for planets with water i don’t know oxygen to see whether they have got some intelligent or even microbial beings living there.
I mean if life was by accident even in Venus or even Mars we should have had organisms that evolved under and adapted to those kind of conditions. I mean who said if there is life those organisms must breath oxygen like us, must drink water like us. After all they could have evolved to suit their conditions maybe even drinking liquid methane or breathing hydrogen. The idea that life is accidental is bure bullshit.
Instead of wasting money to explore other planets for useless stuff lets use the money available to make earth a better place for everyone. Its our heaven we know

the universe is so vast that mars is our backyard. the fact that no one else is with you at home doesn’t mean there isn’t anyone in the town center.

The reason they are looking for H20 and O2 is because they are looking for planets that can host life as we know it on earth, there is nowhere NASA has stated life can only survive by O2, infact if you watch many documentaries they always raise this issue of what is life even here on earth there are organisms like viruses that don’t conform to what we consider as life by the way they survive and replicate .
I don’t see what pursuit of knowledge by exploring the cosmos has to do with religion you can still be interested in NASA and keep your faith I don’t know why you are so worried if they find life outside earth , even if aliens were to visit you can still keep your faith !

Not all atheists are scientists and not all scientists are atheists. You’ll find religious folks who believe in evolution and atheists who believe the earth is flat. Ultimately it’s about faith in the supernatural or lack of it. You might as well ask why churches have mission hospitals instead of praying to God to heal the sick.

Let me flip same question to you “believer”, our galaxy the Milky way alone has 400 billion planets. The universe has 700 quintillion planets. Thats 700,000,000,000,000,000,000. What are the odds that “God” decides to create life on earth alone? Really?


For me it is harder to believe that a being without a body sitting somewhere in an unknown location is the master of the universe

I believe we ain’t alone. Some fools out there are wondering if they are alone too.

It’s possible we are a cosmic lab experiment

Astronomers believe the Milky Way is moving at approximately 630 km/s

Vitu zingine hukaa vako. 630KM/S

That slow?

We are a bad batch of some alien kid show and tell:D

There is more physical and historical evidence for aliens on earth than for imaginary beings

Inaelekea wapi nawamepima iyo speed aje?anyway mark Twain might have been right when he wrote Letters from the worlds

I think these guys just takes takes us for a ride. Ati inatoka Nairobi inafika Mombasa in less than a second

Yes and we shall collide with the nearest galaxy Andromeda in about 5 billion years.

It will be very interesting

For a Christian, you hate sin. So if you have been a staunch Christian for years, that surmise that you are fueled by hate?

Its the size sir,a sahara silver ant can out run a human at 200meters p/s if it were the same size. To them we’re bumbling fools ,too slow to notice,hence our view to the humongous galaxy…you do know its yuuuuuge right?

Either the collision or the sun turning to a red giant will end the reign of man for good