Swali Hapa

which is the best alcoholic drink that gets one high very fast (and keeps you there for hours) yet the hang over effect is very low? kunazo pombe hulewesha haraka but pia zinashuka haraka, na hang over yake ni mbaya. advice about drinking water in between drinks sitaki coz it will dampen my steam…any suggestions?

forget alcohol switch to crystal meth

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johana mtembezi

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The one with the least congeners and impurities.

Johana Mtembezi anashuka haraka…most of the expensive liquors have no hangover but zinashuka haraka. On the other hand, the cheap liqours such as KC, Bluemoon, Moonwalker, Legends na Meakins can last you the whole day but hangover ni gwan…you have either to deal na hangover or quick evaporation

Vuruta Fangi mingi…

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turpentine ama gripe water.

Jaribu this kienyeji drink “Muratina”

nipe mfano

Your question reflects your avatar. Walai.

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following as well

then ‘dilute’ (mix) with bluemoon ama kc. you get high for two days straight

Flying horse

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dawa ya hangover ni mara moja

Na uchanganye na dithoro, utakuwa high for 2 days.

Hii utakufa

utter nonsense! like any alcoholic drink, it depends on how much you drink, whether you mix other stuff, how much water you drink, whether you eat etc…and i can attest to drinking “expensive” liquors and still suffering like a motherf@#ker!


Jameson sio mbaya sana pia hangdown sio noma vile

chang’aa satisfies all the above criteria