Can one petition a re-run ama will it be final. It also seems that the IEBC will be less prepared for the re-run than it was for the main so I predict alot of complaints in round 2. Otherwise UOTP leo wametuvalisha kanzu na wakafunga ya far post.


Exactly. Where does the circle end …or start ?


ni re-run ama ni a fresh election?

it will be a new election and the result can be petitioned and a new election ordered if the new one is deemed unsatisfactory

yes there will be a re run .and a fresh election next year feb

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Kwahivyo tutashinda hivi??:frowning:

Swala la pili can the judges be fired before the re-election?

I foresee a nusu mkate coalition government. If this happens then u will realise these guys are ONE and we are DIVIDED.

Nayo side A ikishidwa watapeleka petition?

The manure thickens, so if NASA carries the day , and it happens they were clerical errors, which don’t even affect the margin of votes, will the SC gives is another re-run, because it seems , all one need is to point out errors in the system and that’s it.


Security of tenure…

We are now mired down with no sight of a near end of this electioneering ‘game’. The court has called for fresh presidential elections that might be disputed also or lead us into a run off that may also be disputed in the supreme court. I see this being carried on till February 2018 or even thereafter.
Things have been complicated by the fact that the petitioner needs not to dispute the results but the process. Conducting a near perfect process is next to impossible.


That is one of the consequences the Grand Mullah pointed out that they will have to live with.

:D:D…long shot. They are protected by security of tenure. It would be better they witness the ‘product’ of their decision and a litany of cases that will follow thereafter.

Mkate nusu sioni ikiwezekana this time round but I might be wrong, let’s wait for the turn of events

Hii ni kama kuamka 8/8 alafu mnarudishwa nyuma hadi june. Kusimamisha biashara na kushinda na tension ndio inaniudhi si ata mambo na RWNEPB.

We shall be in a perpetual state of elections until parliament amends the constitution limiting the SC jurisdiction to how the process impacted the numbers.

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can parliament amend the constitution touching on the judiciary? should that be a country-wide referendum? Someone to clarify

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