Suzuki swift check transmission light

I have this ka sport swift runs like the wind problem is after about 500km continuous driving the check transmission light comes on, the car still drives fine although I can use cruise control when it’s on, after a night the light goes off on it’s own, I changed the gearbox pressure sensor and gear oil lakini jana kajinga kamewasha tena, and by the way when the light is on it only goes to 4th gear (auto) it has 7 gears.

Failing trans. Either the valve body or some clutches.

Suzuki Swift? Seriously? Sii utembee tuu haki.


Unajoma carseer


Apelekee fundi wa TVS na Hero Honda?

pelekwa kwa wasee wa bajaj wakuangalilie :D:D

One is better off listening to the whine of a hair clipper than mgurumo wa hizi dudu. I mean on starting them, unaeza fikitia ni kicheko ya mtoto mdogo.

… personally I drive a Nissan March…very economical and fast too…what else do you require in means of transportation

anyway seriously, it could be a failing clutch, failing sensor, faulty wiring. obd2 diagnostic mara chap chap should help. it could also be your O2 sensor, poor cooling of your transmission

Which oil did you use atf or ccv

Yes 1200cc with a xtronic cvt…for the weight and size…it’s fast


Nothing disturbs a man like a check light on the dash

Dafaq!!! Fast compared to a bicycle?

Which car do you drive?

CVT it’s shown on the dip stick

Where exactly are you going fast, it’s still a car, why is a vw golf not considered a dudu