Survived an accident

Am from delivering some gas burners , and on my way in garrisa road highway , this car overtook me at high speed …
The rest was history …[ATTACH=full]262868[/ATTACH]

Fellow peasant hustler, wewe haukosangi moshenee. Attaboy!:D:D:D:D

You are the only ktalk member who isn’t anonymous.

Why do you say that when folk have already met and continue meeting?

Ukaona upige ka-selfie?:smiley:

Where do you guys meet?

See eyes and hands

I have seen some in a chama like kina Incognitus (my married man crush)Meria and many others called Manzoni or something similar.
I have met a few talkers here in Lando when they are here doing their own thing and I have a few more lined up in the new year. It is not hot air, it happens.
I am meeting a few more when I come to Kenya next year. Lazima niende kwa mancave ya denis young, niende kusalimia Freestyle, niende Coasto ninyemele MM and TLS wanunue mnazi etc…

Kuja kwa one room love-shack ya Tommy Kwesule, babe.

You joined KT this year? hahahahaha…that is a lie but thanks for the invite. I hook with folk I have known for a long time and so there is the crucial element of trust.

Kijana niko na confidence kama mwenyeji tu. Then tunafaa tuanze kujuana saa hii ndio hiyo time ikifika tukue tumeCultivate trust. Lakini whatever happens you are always welcome to Kwesule’s love shack.

:D:D:D:D:D lazima pia tuonane ukija.

this has to be a toyota. gari za cruise wacha zicruise. high speed tuwachie.

Be careful out there my friend, these crazy roads are unpredictable.

Have interacted with villagers personally juu ya biashara. It ain’t as anonymous as you think. When it comes to hustle, tunapatiana kazi amongst villagers


Kwa hivo wewe pia ni mujamaa wa kuwasha nduthi

That index finger mjamaaste

Wewe hata picha ya chapo ulikataa kutuwekea na bado unasema mambo ya meeting

Niliwaletea mpishi kutoka mji mku wa you tube na unapiga kelele kikikiki? I am always ready to meet and network with those I click with and we would already have known each other…online…

[SIZE=1]Also my osband is against sharing any piks on KT and I gorra respeck that. Otherwise anitoke hihihihi[/SIZE]