Surprisingly good peasant phones for those of us who are allergic to tecno, infinix and their ilk.

Now, according to @jaymoh , this is the only place where poverty is frowned upon. Well, it’s true that not everyone will afford 15k and above to buy an old flagship or a decent midrange phone from the mainstream manufacturers (refer to title to know what I mean). However, that doesn’t mean that those manufacturers don’t have offerings in the bei ya sufferer range. Those that are readily available to us may be lesser specced than those mediachieth phones. However, may I remind you, there is no substitute for pedigree and quality. Evidence below…

This was some tecno (can’t remember the model. Don’t expect me to) with 8 megapixels at the back


And this was a Nokia Lumia 510 with 5 megapixels


Taken a few minutes apart from the same spot, in the same direction. No effects or settings changed or added.

Honestly, kwa nini ukimbile specs high at a very cheap price (btw it was cheaper than the lumia) and end up with photos that look like water colour painting? Even the colour reproduction is terrible.

Even a 2 megapixel Samsung Pocket plus can do better…


Moving on, here are some of the best. The phones are sim unlocked and new. However, I still stress, if you know your way around unlocking phones, you are bound to get very cheap phones.

1. Motorola Moto G (3rd Generation)

OS: Lollipop upgradable to Marshmallow
SoC: 1.4 Ghz quadcore snapdragon 410
Screen: 5 inch 720p
Memory: 2Gb ram 16Gb rom
Camera: 13mp and 5mp
Battery: 2470 mAh
Price: $144 (roughly 14.8k)

2. HTC 530

OS: Marshmallow
SoC: 1.1 Ghz quadcore snapdragon 210
Screen: 5 inch 720p
Memory: 1.5Gb ram 16Gb rom
Camera: 8mp and 5mp
Battery: 2220 mAh
Price: $120 (roughly 12.2k)

Ah shiet, have to go away. @Deorro would it be possible to edit the thread and add more phones later?

You can also add your own (priss, no mediatek, I beg of you.) tuelimishane


Your analysis is biased against tecno and nokia. reason being, you take the photos at dusk (or dawn) and compare that to a samsung photo taken on a clear crisp day. Go back and do corrections.

ni simu tutanunua ama camera…


camera zanye ziko na simu na redio…



Go back up and read clearly what I have written.

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anything below 4000mah is a no infinix hoiyeeee

Hii ni ya wale wanataka the whole package at a hustlers price. Wewe ikiwa Kaduda imekutosha wachia wale wengine wajue

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Hehehe, 1/3rd ya power yote huenda kufeed processor haziwezi jizima wakati simu iko idle.

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I’ve never like HTC. I used Desire 616 for a short while but the UI just wasn’t for me. I had to give it away. It was/is an excellent phone though. Currently on Huawei and the Emotion UI is fantastic. Include some Huawei.


uongo my phone only drains 1-2% overnight


I will put some here and in the flagship killer series. Sasa mimi hiyo EMUI ndio huwa imenibore mbaya

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That’s the same as this htc 626s (jazzwoman alikatalia desire eye yangu) that I’m using yet it has a 2000 mAh battery.

My bad. It’s reflex action at work.

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Haha… Yea it needs some getting used to.

iyo HTC 530 yako wasee wanalia kwa choo uko gsm arena…


na mse ametumia hii phone alete experience yake


Hao ni wale walinunua wakiexpect performance ya htc m9

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Proper android one by google imefika Kenya (wachana na ile ya infinix). Hii lazima nitafute pesa niijaribu. At this rate, sasa nikufungua blog


ata mimi nataka niijaribu soon na inatumia snapdragon…though there is very little info about it


Will my phone have any adverse effect if I change my battery from 2000mAh to 4000mAh assuming I can get one that fits??

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