Supu Don

Are supu and jakenya the owners of k talk?

mi sijui

ata sijui jibu iko hapa

Supu Dondo na Supu … nani ndio wa ukweli?


Ni ya @ol monk ni vile tu he is expert at kujifanya na kukaa chini ya maji. When people complain about something, he is like “let me talk to admin”. Alafu someone alisema admin ajitokeze and in one second @ol monk ndiye huyo anateta about privacy.

You got some growing up to undertake.

you will never grow up and kindly leave me alone you dolt…leave me alone…look for something to entertain your idle mind/fingers…nyee cia hiti…
umesomwa ujinga @uwesmake

@aviator …this idler is like a toilet fly…

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He’s very annoying. He called me Gay the other day.

He he he, yenyewe the old village is back matusi ikianza ku-flow hivi.Si, you two find a room and sort your grudge once and for all.

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Hio sio poa @uwesmake

I hv tried ignoring this imbicle bt he simply wont let me be …

i need a room to settle some old grudge with you @aviator…

Gay Alert


@Wakanyama …supu don is no way associated with ktalk…

a tale of old wounds that are yet to heal.

Which old grudge? You don’t even know my klist handle. Sema umekuja ktalk kusakanya mcoooodo, na ckupatii hii yangu.

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excuse me… am a reformed person… idont do that anymore… meet me we settle

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Sawa@Aviator - Sasa Ktalk wewe ni Incognito wa Incognito handle yako ya Klist tuseme. SO what do you think will happen when we know your klist handle which is also an incognito??? out you?? yenyewe Age is just but a number. Simamisha ka Nthenge useme handle yako klist ilikuwa gani wacha ushenz
@uwesmake anakaa impersonator wa uwes original klist.Just thinking,
@Supu don are you same as @Supu If not- wacha upuuuzzz sele…why would you use such a handle here. @Supu ndio original na incase you did not realise the handles are incognitoo…you dont have to show your inferiority complex by taking another personas identity… Ata ukijiiita @Inzi we still wldnt know you just as we dont @Supu but she is the origi one so stop impersonating…