Supporters wa Nasa (I Know of Only About 7 Here, Ngai Baba) Please Give Me a Moment......

Kuna kaphrase nimeskia with increasing regularity from your talking heads on TV, as well as some anchors/media and even the NCCK. It goes like this:

“Kenya is bigger than all of us. President Uhuru and PM (sic!) Raila need to move from their hard-line stances and put the country first. They need to meet and unite the nation…”

My question is, how will Uhuru meeting Raila unite the country? What will be the agenda of the meeting? What resolutions would be expected from such a meeting? What would be the legal basis of such a meeting?

And if this meeting were ever to take place, what would be the place of democracy - ONE MAN, ONE VOTE?

I thank you in advance my fellow countrymen and women (at least for now, given that you may secede soon).

This is the assfucking nonsense I can’t stand!

Talk about what?

To these mad men, uniting Kenya only means Uhuru giving in to the baseless demands by that warlord!

Talk about Uhuru accepting defeat and returning to Gatundu.

nusu mkate my foot…afadhali ata UN ifanyishe uchuguzi lakini that sick stubborn old man asipate ata bread crumps

Nilete picha hapa pia? it seems so appropriate these days!

nusu mkate is just typically saying you have a non functional government with no agenda but a bunch of dick measuring contests day in day out.

ngabuchieth niaje , it means either nusu mkate ama muEmbu akuwe caretaker president na akatalie kiti after 90 days .

We are very okay with that, Muembe is a true blood Gikuyu in his purest form. Actually we would rejoice.

sawa basi kubalini kiti iingie embu muwache panganga .

Nani ako Na shida Na hiyo?

The only power we’ll share with Jubilee ni ya Kenya power. We won and we will win again in a free & fair contest.


And a bad precedent. Meaning every loser moving forward can hire some hooligans to disrupt life, to get into government.
The message must be sent out loud and clear. No nusu mkate government. Not now, not in future.

hiyo upussi ya kuongea niliskia na NCCK nikashindwa wanavuta nini. do we have to accommodate that loser every time he is beaten like a burukenge?? ni mathie makiumaga!!

We have said this many time. The definition of free and fair will never again be determined by Raila. Go bank that in Bondo.
And we will never again be held hostage by a man who will never get satisfied until he gets to state house.
And the only way the Oct 26 election will be cancelled is if Uhuru is elected unopposed. Raila can run to Maraga again if he wants.
If Maraga nullifies again, we will re-re-elect Uhuru again in January.

Nasikia president anaweza kuwa caretaker.

Caretaker ni yule anaoshanga maiti. No way!!

They are advancing RAT’s narrative…the old man is caged with diminishing options…he has set his eyes on a nusu mkate and all these manouvres are aimed at achieving this. Babu Owino inadvertently let out this little secret when they were with Raila at Kawangware… Rem. a drowning man will cling even to a snake…

Kizungu ni noma undertaker.

IEBC/JUBILEE Fungueni server kwanza ndio tuongee.