Supper is served!

So what I have on the table for tonight’s supper:

Githeri: Cooked it with tomatoes, onions, garlic, vegetable oil, curry powder, turmeric, paprika and cayenne pepper. (Love lot’s of pepper/chilli).

Salad: Grated carrots, beetroot, zucchini and pineapples.

Dessert: Homemade spicy loaf cake.


Hii paprika, zuchinni na baby marrow ndio sijuangi kama inaweza iva kwa stove.

Paprika is a spice, which you add on to the dish with other spices while cooking. Zuchinni or Courgette can be eaten raw (in salads) or cooked in a meat dish. Personally I love to bake it with other vegetables or grate it and eat it raw in salads. What’s baby marrow?

N all that was done after umetoka kujenga nchi,gym,chama na shopping,sio?

Iyo food ni kidogo. By 9 utakuwa anaskia njaa. Alafu githeri + onions = Chernobyl

Fantastic. Niko twiko kwenye githeri iko.

Ha ha, kumbe it’s our famous Merian.

Just for the former two. I have never been in a chama and really don’t desire to. :slight_smile:

Aye, I have to have githeri in my fridge!

I eat small portions, but regularly. So supper is before 7pm and then green tea and a cookie at 10pm, or a banana, or apple.

Wapi greens? Waru ? na Avocado??

When do you get banged?
Give us the whole works

Githeri usiku?? So i guess no anal tonight.

Salad or vegetables doesn’t have to be green, yano! My githeri recipe is as is. I don’t add waru or cabbages. I have avocado sometimes, but not always. The veg part is covered though.

That would be telling… :slight_smile:

I like your choice of spices especially paprika.

You would finger lick my githeri… heck, I am told I am a great cook, and I’m not bragging. If food doesn’t taste good, it’s worth not eating. I am a self-made foodie. :)))

Most folks don’t understand the nutritional benefits of spices. If they only knew…

What is the nutritional value of curry powder?