Something worth trending!!!

A US-based Sierra Leonean by the name of Hafiz Alhassan Kanu has created an app called Africa. The app, just like WhatsApp, has all the features that WhatsApp has. But one thing that it has that WhatsApp doesn’t is, it’s 2× faster than WhatsApp. Sending a message on Supfrica is faster than sending a message on WhatsApp. A voice and video call in Africa is of high quality and faster than WhatsApp. This is the time to embrace our own. It is proudly made by a Sierra Leonean!

I’m now using Supfrica. Join me there by clicking on the link below to download the app on Google Play Store here


Faster than WhatsApp?

I trust Russian owned Telegram, putin doesn’t need my data.

Nangoja elon musk anitumie login credentials za Signal premium:D

Let me alert mzito Trump. We can use it for the time being.


You do know Telegram isn’t hosted in Russia?
Na the founder wa Telegram was exiled from Russia

Njaruo unajua vitu mingi. You are a very exposed kavirondo.

Not on ios.

Njaruo mkora.

Niaje multihandler shoga. How many handles have you created this weekend to keep you busy?

Doesn’t matter. The key exchanges are based on the user devices. There is no man in the middle server bullshit as in WhatsApp and others.

Kuma chafu nenda ukaoge utoe uvundo Kwa kijiji.

Maskini Umepata school fees juu 20k ya Christmas ulikosa?