Superhighway kuna nini?

Its been an hour now, and ave barely moved. What’s happening? SAA hii Niko allsops.

Before 6 am inakuwanga nyweee… the rest of the day inakuanga frustration esp kama kuna accidents,which happen frequently,even worse when raining

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Si mlisema ni bumps hucause bumps zikatolewa.

I was about to answer you until I realized uko huko sasa twambie kuna nini me Niko suna east

Nimefika nairobi. I cant explain the cause of the traffic. 2hrs, 10mins from Juja to CBD.

Building wider roads is not a viable solution to traffic jams.


Bumps gani zimetolewa? They’re still there

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I read somewhere that they were standardized whatever that means.

The one near Garden City was somewhat reduced to be smaller, the other at Allsops wasn’t changed.

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I blame the outer ring road… Now all over sudden everyone from that road feels thika road is better than joho road… They have brought jam to our side… Umoinner n crew… RUDINI KWENU!!


I’m now at Ruaraka heading to cbd and in a unusual traffic jam !

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You are feeling entitled over public property??!!


Hii siasa itakumaliza.

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Carrot and stick. Nothing else will work on our roads. Nothing

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Acha uongo. Umoinner hupita Thika Rd saa ngapi?

I’ll take a pic in the evening and send it to u

Hio wangetoa tu yote then waweke foot bridge

change of driving habits will solve the traffic mess.


do you own Thika road?