superbox decoder/bamba decoder

Anyone 1 with info on this decoder would like to acquire either but am lost for choice

Why either of those and not any other?

Free to air monthly expense sitaki

Kuja na thate fae nikuuzie Scantech. Best in the FTA series.

nunua openbox combo. ama strong decoder


jamaa amenjoiwa na Profesa Bamba “By now you know me I am Profesa Jackton Omollo aka Profesa Bamba”

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Following… o_Oo_O

@aviator…nipe digits!

Nilikuwa na wanajeshi wa brito TRM. Wamebambika na profesa bamba ile serious

This bamba guy is just so f*** boring…but kenyans though…

Fala i need hiyo openbox,Ni how much

around 7k ongea na @Meria Mata

Correction, ni @muzombozi. He’s a talker, inbox him.

bamba decoder achana nayo kapsaa.


omera pay for unga or rent but dont pay for teeveee