SUPER SOUL TRAIN foundation ati KODI ama HODI dance

check foundations where this chupid kids stole the rhythm as we go back to back, hii ni squard ya mature people, @Abba @pseudonym @Meria Mata and other back to back people, when a was a boy, SuperSoul was for Friday, enjoy the train


na tu toto tunakuja na jeans zinakaa kama shirts ati Kodi dance, wachapwe viboko 18

:):slight_smile: I’m so in.

Fashion and Dance styles are always recycled and renamed… One day they will realize that. Ngoja tu wataanza kuvaa bell-bottoms :smiley:

Oh me feel like am in [SIZE=4]Boogie Wonderland[/SIZE]

Everybody was kung-fu fighting.
@pseudonym niwekee hii.
Got this new version of YouTube sijajua ku copy paste wrink.
Hii dancing style ni @gashwin @mabenda4 na @FieldMarshal CouchP wanaijua

It was slightly introduced in the mid 80s then it died off, we used to call them the bellys

nilikuwa nachungulia bro wakubwa kwa Cube wakizienda - Afro, platforms, bellbottoms/flairs na warembo in wraparound maxis…Wueh!

Ndio hiyo.

:D:D:D Awesome.

For the longest time…and i mean very long, I had no idea this song was a tribute to Marvin Gaye and Jackie…somebody.

wewe unajua kustraighten nywele na makaa in a mkebe na mafuta ya nazi?

I was unlucky to encounter the straightening comb(appropriately named gishini ) a few times before it was phased off. Once ,I left it on the makaa for a bit too long and the minute it touched my hair I heard an awful crackle…then the pungent smell of burning hair hit me. I was so sure I was doomed to join the open minded society.


this song made me love soul, soul train capiro fm.

Billy ochieng

Love soul train