Super profits

An egg in the kiosks is 10 bob.

On the streets boil + yanya + kitunguu + pilipili = 20 bob

My questions is. If I can get them at below 10 bob and be able to dispense 500+

well well

There are other hidden costs.

All the best but anza na kutafuta strategic location.

I remember reading on Nation or Standard about this dude who sells mboiro eggs by walking around and he makes a profit of 1,500 to 2,000/- a day. You can do it if you put your back in to it.

Nyanya,kitunguu,pilipili and fuel unapata bure? Or the fuel? Is your labour not quantified?
Let me tell you a short story:
My cousin did these ‘mathematics’ you have done. And in the brink of an eye he has bought nyanya,kitunguu pilipili n a whole tray of eggs. After our normal dail y grind,he quickly boiled the eggs,chopped up the onions and tomatoes. He hit the streets of our mtaa going from bar to bar. By ten pm he was back with about twenty eggs. He had boiled eggs for supper and breakfast… And lunch the following day.


he should be ready to lose money at the beginning.

He is not agressive enough.

Boss jua Kuna cartel ya middle men from farm to retail. Ukijaribu kumess na market price unaweza jipata Nairobi river bila kichwa

Could be…

Shait and thats what am planning

I know people who survive on this so stop discouraging the guy. But of course its impossible to sell 500 eggs in a day…

Mumeanza ile hekaya ya making chapos kwa mayai?

Kuna msupa fulani alikua anatembea Zimmer amebeba gas cooker kwa mgongo, cutlery ,mayai na maji. Anakupikia fry on the spot sikumbuki revenue alisema ziko aje.

Nishawahi pikiwa namna hii…kitu mzuri sana