Super Bowl and Patriots

How come no talker is talking about Super Bowl na ndio some of you behave as if mlizaliwa majuu? my fb newsfeed is abuzz with sijui patriots ama falcons, alafu kuna MvPs tena na halftime performances. On a serious note whats the difference between American football and rugby and how come the former is domiciled in the USA? Can it be a hit here the way we have adopted rugby sevens?Is Tom Brady now the Ronaldo of American football? excuse my ignorance, msinitusi


Mimi sitakutusi na sita sema kitu kuhusu Super Bowl. I will wait for others to comment, and follow closely.


Dude, its coz most villagers here don’t give a sh*t about the American football. Period.
We are more into what they call Soccer.


venye kuna njaa hapa nchini watu wanaeza dhani Jubilee imewaletea sahani kubwa ya mahindi

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Ebu explain to me what the super bowl is halafu uweke in the context of the EPL.

Some of us knew the results this morning (as soon as the game finished) ni vile tuu sisi ucheza chini and NO American Football cannot be successful in Kenya. Kama stadium za mpira tumeshindwa kuweka za up to Fifa standards ni American Football tutawezana nayo?


:D:D:D True

Another silly question, why are the champions referred to as World Champions yet its an American league


American football is all about brute force as opposed to rugby which is largely based on tactic and finesse

Disclaimer : my personal views


Am not an american football fan but i think american football involves more tactic than rugby. Zile helmet zao huwa na ear pieces attached to them because the coaches need to change tactics every one or two minutes by delivering msgs to their players. It’s a very complicated game


Atleast we do agree on this part


I asked walio majuu watuwekee links jana kwa usiku sacco but they all went mute


Abba don’t be like that? Ati watu majuu waweke links…u should just have googled or gone to reddit ungepata links mingi sana or better yet ungeenda KODI


Jana tulikua tunasherehekea Cameroon hata hatukujua watu wanakula kwa super bowl. Excuse my ignorance

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skieni huyu vile anajichocha after her team won

Glad you had a disclaimer. American Football is a very tactical game, so is rugby.

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that disclaimer was intentional, i knew it would be a massacre without it :D:D:D

but then again, those are just my views based the few times i have watched it … just looks brutal

and rugby players have no protective gear which makes rugby more brutal, my thoughts

So from your comments, Americans basically did what they do best, borrowed an idea, in this case from rugby, then modified it to what we now call American Football. clever