Supa Loaf, Till Death do as Part...

Credit: Wanja Kavengi
The manufacturers of Supa Loaf bread held a meeting and unanimously agreed that the packaging of a loaf of bread would include tying that polythene bag in a really, really tight knot, then wrap the knot in a small, branded Sellotape that will stick onto it forever, and no one shall ever pull them asunder.

So to access the bread within, you have to bite a ka small hole into that polythene packaging, dig your fingers in that ka hole, then tear it apart like an animal, spilling two or three slices.

You Supa Loaf people should relax. It is just bread. Not a piece of land. Or classified intelligence. You tie that knot as if you’re tying your enemy’s destiny. As if you’re binding a generational curse.

And yet, ants will somehow find their way inside that tightly-tied pack of bread


Kula hii na uwache kulalamika [ATTACH=full]59724[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]59725[/ATTACH]

mbona iko na dent kwa matter core?


…oskof ni shiny eyes!

I once saw a wariah mama with such a dent, ati aliumwa na mamba pale Tana river,

@uwesmake ule mjamaa wa Telegram ako wapi? I have more classified photos.

Mmm endelea kukamua mkate sisi tunakamua kienyeji

Zile ziko na dimples huwa tamu sana kuchapa doggy ukizispank

Uyo ni mwanamke amejaza coomer kwa suruali io design?



Schupit bukusu nitakuitia ndauwo

I can relate, umeongea mbaya lakini ni sawa tu:D:D:D:D:D

Obvious. Its to prevent slices from being stolen.