Sunny Hill Hotel

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A man starts his business venture, calls it a church and you take yourself and your wallet there.

Photos: Newly opened hotel in Nakuru allegedly owned by Pstr Nganga.

Pictures taken before the pastor left Nakuru County for Nairobi






niaje inakaa nyumba ya nguruwe.


Wahumini ni kondoo wa mungu, literary and figuratively on point.


Naona KCD 060Q kwa pic 1. na sio photoshop.

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Someone should volunteer and imprison this motherfucker.

The Government and media wako kwa mfuko.

Tithing is mandatory for good Christian sheep. Give God money he needs it in abundance…


hii ni ile iko tu kando ya nairobi nakuru highway hapo naivasha?

All churches… well almost all collect sadaka and invest in worldly businesses… sioni shida hapo.

I don’t go to church.

iyo iko kwa paper pag inakaa pyth%

Religion is fucked… I always wonder how these so-called reverend get such guts as to mislead own sheep! Lord have mercy as end times are now here.

Opus Dei people. Don’t condemn religion blindly.

Just another Kenyan doing what we are all doing. Kujenga economy. Cutthroat capitalism is all what we practice.

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@ol monk I meant “nowhere”

very poor architectural design from an industry expert!

this is what I see from clients that dont want to use experts, they mostly come top regret afterwards.

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