Sunday Doco

Watch this documentary if you haven’t watched it. I think we have taken care of our population already.

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Pengine @Mundu Mulosi acheki hizo, hope no gay content

Eat some bananas. They’re good after a night of drinking.

@mundu amelewa, tell me the story.

Give a synopsis please.

Mukhwasi, hata mi sijaichungulia … bado natafuta lunch

It’s about how plastics messes up the environment and our health despite all the practical benefits associated with them…

Are condoms plastic or rubber @Unicorn

Follow me to my private Lab (read bedroom) and let’s test.

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Veined tree holder detected
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doco ndio nini?

@Unicorn, I think one solution is to use animal skin for bags. It’s been happening for long. For foods, cooking oils, we use aluminum which is easy to recycle. Do you remember Cowboy, Joma and Blueband za kitambo? Glass bottles too are easy to recycle. Do you remember TreeTop juice?

I can only wish and do my little part :(:frowning:

It’s an informal word for documentary.

hehe, hapo hata mimi sikua najua