Sunday afternoon na warembo


Wachana na faith elder, Cheza chini na ujipe shugli


Digi kihiiiiiiii huyo ndio mama yako ?

Faith Imanyi malaya ya Kasarani


Tell us more

Partner in flesh peddling wa carol Bianca

hii ni bio digester

I bet ass crack yake imeparara juu hawezi fikia na body lotion


So much advertising, receiving so much hate. I wish some women knew their value and kept it to themselves or kept it for a really worthy ‘investor’. Kibaya chajiuza, kizuri chaji…

I have ferked a big booty mbish and while hitting it gui style I noticed an ashy crack.ION I love how anything in Ktalk is mosconstrued for gay…get out of the closet already

Lete Breaking News ya women marathon in Chicago ! ,wachana na ujinga

Women don’t care chief, endelea kujidanganya

Kiuliso … Kwani aliathiriwa na polio akiwa mdogo?

Tamu kama sunguch

You are responding to someone who used the word ‘some’!!!. Pls speak for the women you hung out with. Once more the chorus continues from this end…‘you are what you attract’


Tell me about…this lifting of one foot is sooo irritating. It was the trademark pose of one American model Amber Rose who is now a millionaire. Now I see even 11 year old Kenyan girls here posing on their birthdays and yikes…