Summer bunnies VS the republic

pale BBW mkz.
P. s I could have posted the link but last was hammered I sent a dick pic to my neighborhood group.

This confirms that you are a gay ass maafaka.


:smiley: True gaylord, saitan

you faggots wishing they got the dick pic relax. it’s royal girth is like a litre soda. moving on fast, fireworks from diaspora. They might be winning. :D:D

why are you talking like we should know what you’re saying?

wtf is bbw mkz

Inki echabu yagokorera rero?


Omoisioyo @Marty McFly anapenda enyuma omochinga.

Sasa BBW MkZ ni nini?

buyer beware or something on fb

thank me for the copy

My fren, what are you on about?

Still doesn’t answer anything. Write an hekaya ama leta screenshot

iko ivi, someone posted some snide post about Kenyans abroad who are coming for holidays and their entitlement shit. Wueh! noma. I didn’t know they were many in the group. anyone in buyer beware original post a screenshot of any gem.

Sawa gay lord

read the second chapter carefully.

Kufa malaya shoga