I woke up with sad news from my wife that the caretaker of the flat my family lives committed suicide last night.
The watchman who is a good guy is still shaken because he couldnt do anything.
This begs the question listers ,what leads people to commit such things?
Mind you a cousin of mine tried it once but was rescued but the dude has never been the same again.

Some feel like its the end of life …no hope whatsoever na wengine ujinga

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I have failed to understand what goes on in their minds until the last jump.

The one thing you should guard intensively and extensively is hope. If that goes, then suicide is the only other option.


Were are not the same, some pple are just frail …and many other factors contribute

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Wish ,he did that on Monday,pple cld understand ,sasa weekend ikianza ?? Pole sana

Most of these people have no support mechanism, at all, wewe na mimi even though we may not admit it, Ktalk is one of our many support mechanisms, we also have friends, family, work mates. These guyz kama caretaker, watchman, unakuta from his home yeye ndio he has “made” it, sasa atapelekea nani shida zake, nobody, he does not know ktalk. The main reason why I despise tenants and visitors that talk bad to them na kuwaonyesha madharau


true sio poa


Each one of us at one given time you have contemplated suicide, now there are guys who don’t give it a second thought. Think of your drinking mates, one will start a fight at the slightest provocation, for some hata umutusi aje, he will just walk away.

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You are not making any sense…

[QUO again.TE=“The.Black.Templar, post: 93122, member: 153”]You are not making any sense…

Read again.

Good riddance,guys are fighting for dear life everyday and… nkt why im I wasting time on this coward

you know, I really don’t like how people use this word…“coward” Let me explain

  1. If I decide that the hustle I am getting from my boss is not worth this job and I quit to go look for better opportunities, will I be a coward?
  2. If I decide that its not worth fighting over a small traffic misdemeanour and I walk away, will I be a coward?
  3. If i decide to not fight with my neighbour over a clothing line and decide to hang my clothes tomorrow, will I be labelled a coward?\

Anyway, what I am trying to say is this, Hujui zile shida huyu jamaa alikuwa nazo, maybe he gave a much bigger fight than you would have, were you faced with the same problems


Suicide is for losers, no matter the situation you find yourself in, you should tough it out till the situation improves. What if you have a family and then you commit suicide, you are leaving the kids in deeper shit than if you were there.

If you are a hero what have achieved?

Or even would have contemplated.
Also note that some get mneki and decide to die before that shit cooks them up.

All Im saying is that we all go thru shit and im sure that his decision has probably fucked another persons life…his kids maybe

Wewe hauishi kwa hiyo flat?

There is a thin line between sanity and insanity my friend. Life can be a bitch


Stop acting all tough …you are in no place to call pple loosers you have not being in their shoes


Any man or woman who has a family should not even think of doing this.Don’t drag other people in your problems.hakuna shida haiwezi tatulika.

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